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Web Developer – PHP, Zend Framework and Actionscript 3

Get all emails from Gmail with a specific label, using Google App Scripts

Introduction Something I use at work is a task-tracking website. At the basic level, you give the task a short title, a long description, one or more flags, and estimate how long it will take to complete. A cool feature of this website is that they offer an api for registered users. The boss wants […]

Providing user feedback on background operations

On any website that does any form of background operation that prevents the user from progressing immediately (for example an ajax operation that updates search filters based on the currently selected option) then the user needs to be informed.

Some jQuery Optimisations

Sometimes you may think you are doing a nice simple effect in jQuery. In reality, you are making hundreds of unnecessary DOM calls and updates every second. And you wonder why the effect is taking so long to run. This post hopes to teach you how to optimise your code to run that little bit […]

Track pages that do not exist with Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics it is possible to track pages as though a user had visited it, even if the page does not exist. This is useful for, for example, ajax form submissions – instead of redirecting to a thank-you page, you can leave the user on the same page and track a custom page (that […]

GreaseMonkey April Fools Script

April 1st is typically associated with playing pranks on friends and co-workers. Sometimes these can be as simple as putting a bit of paper over the sensor on their mouse, unplugging a keyboard, or changing their desktop background to a broken LCD display image. GreaseMonkey is a Firefox add-on that allows you to customize the […]


    Having fifteen years of programming experience in PHP, Zend Framework and ActionScript3, I have a very strong working knowledge of object orientated programming.

    I am a PC Gamer! Playing FPS, RTS, RPG and the occasional MMO since 1996 I have a huge number of a variety of fast-paced games.

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