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Web Developer – PHP, Zend Framework and Actionscript 3

Create an AS3 Flash “Click the Balloons” Game

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a simple point and click game. The objective is simple: Do not let any balloons go over the top of the screen!

AS3 Access Stage Dimensions in Sub Class

Positioning elements on screen is a tricky process when you are doing it only by code. And even harder when you want to make the class you are writing modular or reusable. A very simple example being, you want to set the width and height of the stage to 800 x 600, then import a […]

AS3, FlashDevelop, and Me

I am a big fan of So when the tutorials start coming in referring to FlashDevelop, well, I had to investigate. I am ashamed to say it has taken me a year to get the time needed to have a serious play with FlashDevelop. But! I am playing with it. Or, at least trying […]

Prevent Scaling With ActionScript 3

So you have a flash application that looks great in a webpage, but when you view the .swf file directly in the browser it stretches and distorts and looks plain ugly. Fortunately, there is a solution!

Custom Context Menu AS3

A context menu is a menu that appears when the user does a right mouse click (usually) on the compiled swf. The default context menu that flash player shows comes with a limited set of choices such as ‘Zoom’, ‘Quality’ and playback options. This post will demonstrate how to customise the context menu using ActionScript3.


    Having fifteen years of programming experience in PHP, Zend Framework and ActionScript3, I have a very strong working knowledge of object orientated programming.

    I am a PC Gamer! Playing FPS, RTS, RPG and the occasional MMO since 1996 I have a huge number of a variety of fast-paced games.

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