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Providing user feedback on background operations

On any website that does any form of background operation that prevents the user from progressing immediately (for example an ajax operation that updates search filters based on the currently selected option) then the user needs to be informed.

CSS External Link Images

Some websites with external links have a small image or icon to indicate that the link will lead them to an external webpage. Here is a simple CSS trick to show an html entity indicating an external link:


In a previous post I demonstrated a CSS Only Image Zoom. In this post I will explain how to do a CSS only overlay using the CSS3 box-shadow effect to focus the users’ attention onto the element being hovered on.

CSS Only Image Zoom

This is a nice simple effect that is used on a damned lot of websites: The image zoom! Screenshot Basically, move your mouse over the image to see a larger image. There are two approaches to this: Have two images – one small, one large – and hide the large image the user hovers over […]

Pseudo classes :before and :after in IE6-7

The pseudo classes :before and :after are CSS selectors that allow developers to prepend and append content and/or extra styling to elements. Unfortunately, these selectors are not available in Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7. There are a number of javascript fixes that will force IE6 and IE7 to enable the pseudo classes (such as […]


    Having fifteen years of programming experience in PHP, Zend Framework and ActionScript3, I have a very strong working knowledge of object orientated programming.

    I am a PC Gamer! Playing FPS, RTS, RPG and the occasional MMO since 1996 I have a huge number of a variety of fast-paced games.

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