Richard Parnaby-King

Web Developer – PHP, Zend Framework and Actionscript 3

Create an AS3 Flash “Click the Balloons” Game

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a simple point and click game. The objective is simple: Do not let any balloons go over the top of the screen!

AS3 Access Stage Dimensions in Sub Class

Positioning elements on screen is a tricky process when you are doing it only by code. And even harder when you want to make the class you are writing modular or reusable. A very simple example being, you want to set the width and height of the stage to 800 x 600, then import a […]

AS3, FlashDevelop, and Me

I am a big fan of So when the tutorials start coming in referring to FlashDevelop, well, I had to investigate. I am ashamed to say it has taken me a year to get the time needed to have a serious play with FlashDevelop. But! I am playing with it. Or, at least trying […]


    Having fifteen years of programming experience in PHP, Zend Framework and ActionScript3, I have a very strong working knowledge of object orientated programming.

    I am a PC Gamer! Playing FPS, RTS, RPG and the occasional MMO since 1996 I have a huge number of a variety of fast-paced games.

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