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Where I work nearly every other developer is using Sublime 2, whereas I am working on Notepad++. Having seen the features and the way the other developers have set up their Sublime 2 environments, I have fought against the peer-pressure as I believe that Notepad++ is the same as (if not better than) Sublime 2 as both use plugins to do pretty much the same thing.

Here is your chance to change that. This poll will be ran for a few weeks, then I will go with the winning option.

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  • RemiDG

    Sublime Text is just so much better than Notepad++. It’s faster, looks better, is smarter and just way more comfortable to work with.
    Especially the file browsing that built in Sublime when selecting “Open Folder” is a great feature.

    Sublime is just so much more powerful than Notepad++, I love it.

    • The indexing of Sublime is a feature I would like to see in Notepad++, making features such as ‘find in files’ a lot faster, but a lot of the functionality is identical to Notepad++.

  • Yes, feature-list is almost identical. Why would not that be? They both solve the same problem. Editing code. But what puts ST in lead is the execution and finishing touches.

    For example, Notepad++ also the much-touted Minimap, but I find its implementation ugly. If you click the map, it makes the rest of the N++ window look like it’s an another inactive window. Also, Notepad doesn’t allow app-theming. You can only change the color scheme.

    • Richard Parnaby-King

      The minimap was a feature I was looking for in N++ but could never find. Apparently it is named the document map. When I use the map my window does not look inactive. What do you mean by app-theming?

      • App-theming: Every UI element can be skinned, not just the editing area.

      • Michael Rosefield

        The document map can be undocked into a separate window.

  • Dilly Smith

    It’s amazing how much of this is just opinion. For example, I think Notepad++ looks MUCH better, is much smarter, and is infinitely more comfortable to work with. Everything is designed better in Notepad++ to me. There is zero user friendliness in Sublime Text 2. If I want to change options, there’s no interface to do that – I have to change an xml file. If I want to split my view into two columns or see the same file in both columns, I can’t just right click a tab, I have to find it buried somewhere deeply in the menus at the top. And there’s no toolbar, which means that if I want to do anything in Sublime Text, I have to memorize a million keyboard shortcuts. I like shortcuts as much as the next guy, but not for EVERYTHING. Why isn’t there even an option for a toolbar for those that want one? And everything is so buggy in Sublime Text, it’s almost not usable, like code folding. Sublime Text doesn’t even have the most basic thing I need in a text editor – a back and forward button to skip to where I was last in the code. I installed a plugin to do this, but guess what? It requires another keyboard shortcut to use and it’s incredibly buggy. I’ve been using Sublime Text 2 now for about 6 months because I’m trying to feel why people like it so much, and there are features I love, like the cold folding (when it works), CTRL+R to jump to a function, the way it does built in projects and code complete, etc., but in both the appearance and usability, Notepad++ has it beat hands down.

  • Vladimir Ramos

    Notepad++ is best than Sublime Text:

    • Ricardo

      Sublime? Sublime is just a band! :P

  • ElvisMarmaduke

    Try opening a whole folder in notepad++ and cross referencing files within it… and then after you realize how limiting notepad++ is, make the switch

  • clod

    I use and suggest Codelobster:

  • Fileheart

    Download Notepad ++ 6.8.2 Latest Version Click Here


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