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Zend Form Default Decorators

In the world of web development, forms are basis of most of your application. Everything that is displayed comes first from a form. The Zend Framework includes a wonderful form class, Zend_Form, that makes it easy to create elements, and when the form is submitted, to filter and validate the user input. What is not […]

Zend_Form – prefix text using decorator

I want to prefix the form with a title, within the form tags, but above the form elements. [html] Login Form [/html] Further more, I do not want to use a view script.

Using Route to set Action in Zend_Form

First, some definitions: A form action is the URI to which the form is submitted. Zend_Form makes it easy for developers to create complex forms that filter and validate the date from a submitted form before returning it to the rest of the application for it to do whatever is needed. In this example we […]

Canonicalisation and Zend

Canonicalisation issues occur when a webpage is able to be accessed via both and, in severe cases this can cause the search engines to effectively index 2 identical copies of your site. Zend routes do not discriminate between pages that end in a slash or not – if a route does end in […]

Random Quote Image Generator

Nearly every forum allows it’s users to have a signature, somewhere the user can post a link to their personal or favourite website as well as quotes and images. This post will go through the steps of combining these last two so that every time the image is reloaded, a random quote is placed onto an image.

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    Having thirteen years of programming experience in PHP, Zend Framework and ActionScript3, I have a very strong working knowledge of object orientated programming.

    I am a PC Gamer! Playing FPS, RTS, RPG and the occasional MMO since 1996 I have a huge number of a variety of fast-paced games.

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