Richard Parnaby-King

AS3, FlashDevelop, and Me

I am a big fan of So when the tutorials start coming in referring to FlashDevelop, well, I had to investigate. I am ashamed to say it has taken me a year to get the time needed to have a serious play with FlashDevelop. But! I am playing with it. Or, at least trying to.

I have been struggling with the documentation on the FlashDevelop website, but that is nearly all about the technical configuration and CLI commands that give the developer even greater control of whatever is being done.

What I needed, was something a little more beginner. Thankfully, my favourite resource has given me just what I need: Beginners Guide to FlashDevelop Intro Basix.

This guide explains, in words small enough for me to understand, the basics of how to set up a project, code creation and code completion, as well as the point that I was struggling to do, how to embed assets into my application – such as images and swf files.

What I now need, are resources and tutorials for the next steps:

I am aware that FlashDevelop is just an IDE; what I am probably asking for are beginner tutorials for Flex? I have always used one version or the other Flash Professional with AS3 so have never needed to get my feet wet with Flex, which confuses and scares me.

Please leave a comment with links to suggested Flex and FlashDevelop tutorials that you think I should be aware of.